Customer Success & Operations Manager

Potomac, Maryland, United States


Neuroteach Global is the first online platform that allows educators to experience the difference that MBE research-informed strategies can make in the lives of their students. It also offers a powerful option to school districts, giving them the ability to impart these strategies to their entire workforce at once — in bite-sized, memorable, experience-based lessons that are made to stick, using the Science of Learning to teach the Science of Learning.

Neuroteach Global is an idea whose time has come and the Chan Zuckerberg Institute agrees, voting their confidence with a healthy investment to spur growth. And why not? Everybody wins when more and more teachers are equipped with the latest in scientific knowledge in their teaching strategies.

About the role

Neuroteach Global is part of the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning (CTTL), the research and development arm of St. Andrew's Episcopal School. At the CTTL, we are seeking an early stage team member for St. Andrew's, and a colleague of the school's full faculty and staff, to help drive the recent success of Neuroteach Global by helping the co-founders with client success, account management, product feedback, business development, and other operational duties. If you are a skilled relationship-builder who’s knowledgeable about education, e-learning, teacher training alternatives, and the current state of technology in continuing education, we’d like to talk to you.

Have you been involved in the initiation of a successful new ed-tech product launch and worn a variety of hats in a purpose-driven startup? We could use your help supporting users of our micro-learning product, converting trial users, acquiring new customers, and establishing strong, feedback-rich relationships with current and prospective clients. Read on to see if this is the kind of role you could thrive in.

A few notes about location. Although we’d love to have someone local to the DC area, we are open to working with remotely located professionals within a 2-3 hour driving radius who have a track record of high performance in similar situations. Most important is the ability to be onsite on a very regular basis and keep 100% in sync with the staff of the CTTL and Neuroteach Global leadership.

About us

The Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning (CTTL) is the country’s only non-profit pre-collegiate, school-based research center that is designing and delivering professional development informed by research in MBE science research to enhance teacher quality, improve student outcomes, and develop the whole child. Neuroteach Global is the latest innovation in MBE science from the CTTL.

The CTTL’s mission is to create and innovate in the field of Mind, Brain and Education (MBE) science, enabling teachers to maximize their effectiveness and students to achieve their highest potential. This mission comes to life through its international public purpose to serve teachers and school leaders within all education sectors.

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What do we need you to do well?

The Customer Success Manager role requires a Bachelor’s degree and, ideally, 3 to 5 years of experience working with private K-12 institutions and public school systems. In this startup role, you will wear a variety of ‘hats’ helping with client relations, business development, customer support, product feedback, and various operations duties to keep things moving forward. You will serve as a point of contact for teachers and administrators to ensure they have a positive experience with Neuroteach Global. You're a great fit for this position if you are passionate about improving education, building strong relationships, going the extra mile to solve problems creatively, and working on the forefront of technology to improve education. Experience with relationship oriented sales or business development responsibilities is a big plus, but enthusiasm and passion for what we’re doing is most important, so that you can successfully...

What expertise is important to the work you'll do?

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What’s in it for you?

Joining CTTL means the opportunity to be part of this innovative research center that is impacting teaching and learning on a global scale, where we value professional autonomy, creativity, and side-by-side collaboration. At the CTTL, you’ll enjoy an environment that values transparency and inspires people to take ownership of their responsibilities and strive to innovate. Because we are a start-up, this is a very nimble, high-touch organization, where hard work and relationships have been and will continue to be key for our organic success. You’ll find a growth mindset, goal orientation and humor to be helpful, and expected. Most importantly, you must always remember that while our target users for Neuroteach Global are teachers and school leaders, the chief beneficiaries are students who every day, in every class, deserve a teacher who knows how their brain learns, works, and thrives.

We offer...

The CTTL is research and development arm of St. Andrew's Episcopal School . Consistent with the values of an Episcopal school, St. Andrew's is committed to a diverse and inclusive community with respect to race, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, family status, economic circumstance, age, and physical disability in its student body, faculty and staff. Pursuant to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, St. Andrew's does not discriminate in the administration of admission, financial aid or loan practices, educational or other school-sponsored programs and activities, or in the hiring or terms of employment of faculty and staff, except that the Chaplain shall be a member of the clergy of the Episcopal Church.

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